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Louis Vuitton Shoes viewers to rethink their

Brigham young Louis Vuitton Bags Outlet UK university museum of art Family art day will feature games and activities based on the images of wick's imaginative and playful world presented in the museum's Louis Vuitton Handbags UK current exhibition of his work, walter wick:Games, gizmos, and toys in the attic.These activities are designed to encourage children to exercise their observational skills and chase their own creativity bug.Family art day activities will include story time readings of wick's books, soap bubble blowing contests, a scary castle building station, and an art project that involves seymour, a recurring character in wick's can you see what i see?Seriesand cookie decorating. 'We hope the handson activities of Family Art Day and the searchandfind photographs in theWalter wick exhibition will spark children's imaginations and enable them to become better observers of their world, ' said Rita Wright, Museum of Art educator.Museum docents also will be available during family art day to give tours and answer questions in theWalter wick exhibition as well as in the dan steinhilber exhibition in the adjacent gallery.Walter wick:Games, gizmos, and toys in the attic consists of 40 largescale photographs selected from wick's books, five models that wick used to create some of the images, and a behindthescenes video presentation intended to help visitors understand how wick creates his images.In addition to the puzzles in the works themselves, the exhibition also includes a number of visual puzzles that involve visitors in a search for gizmos and toys hidden in various photographs in the gallery.The dan steinhilber exhibition contains 20 installation works made from an assortment of everyday, consumer goods, such as dry cleaner hangers, trash bags, bottles of soda pop, fluorescent light bulbs, crowd control stanchions, styrofoam packing peanuts, soy sauce packets, stacking lawn chairs, and pvc pipe.Steinhilber's works are intended to encourage Louis Vuitton Shoes viewers to rethink their experiences with and their expectations of these ubiquitous massproduced consumer items.

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